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Sometimes I feel a great distance between.

act: writing music, act: scoring music

It is only clear that they are related. And it is a joy to see ideas culminate in a product. A point on a map from which I can now move forward. And look back.

I am pleased with my new score, a piece for flute, viola, and harp.

I am to the North (trio)

I hope I hear it soon.

I am to the North (trio)

In the spring of 2007, I attended Quatuor Bozzini’s Composer’s Kitchen. Combination workshop, laboratory, playground and masterclass, Composer’s Kitchen is a unique opportunity to explore writing for the sound of a professional string quartet with the gentle guidance of professional composers.

There exists an intensity in collaboration, where nowhere else you find. (write/rewrite, play/listen, discuss/learn, decide/accept).

Exchange ideas.

We gave them back. Took more. In a short week then we made work. And with grace the quartet played for us. Generous their time, understanding. We search/learn/grow/repeat.

From then,

Prairie Sky




And now,

I am grateful of the opportunity to once again collaborate with the Quatuor Bozzini. This year their recording À chacun sa miniature is released. It celebrates the quartet’s dedication to, and inspiration for, emerging composers. A celebration made with the notes written by 31 young alumni of the Composer’s Kitchen (2005-2010). Each new piece written, played, recorded here celebrates the quartet’s studio-lab for the next generation. You will hear the results of our exchange, the debate of technical expertise and aesthetic values.

Quatuor Bozzini, Thank you.

Please listen, enjoy, debate.

À chacun sa miniature 

Hi friends,

Welcome to my blog. I am a composer and pianist from Canada. I am excited to use this platform to share my activities (playing and listening)

Under a blanket of snow the soil waits patiently. This is January 2012. And it is a beginning.

This beginning is a place, and not a trajectory.

Thank you for visiting today.