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Bright and early tomorrow morning, Carolyn, Andrzej, and  I are hitting the road heading for Montreal. We’re going to celebrate Sarah Albu’s new CD Trick pony at her release concert:


Salle Serge-Garant, Faculte de musique, Universite de Montreal

200 avenue Vincent d’Indy, Outrement

If you’re around come out to listen, or pick up Trick pony


You’ll hear my piece for solo voice, Cautionary Tale, no. 1, In this world. Steve Arnold made this awesome graphic for it


You can read more about him here.

See you soon Montreal!


From the glass tables feat. Chris Reiche and Larissa Mason


The joyous occasion to bring together musicians.

Toward the end of August 2012, the glass tables (Tomas Bouda, myself), composer Chris Reiche of Victoria BC and vocalist Larissa Mason of Ottawa ON gathered at the Reiche Family Lodge to write and record four new tracks.

The Lodge is situated on 750 acres of wooded area surrounding Little Swawell Lake just outside Pembroke ON . It is a perfect place for quiet morning swims, nightly marshmallow roasts, venison and fish dinners, and music making day and night.

Run on solar power and making use of compostable toilets, the lodge is a window into another world.

I love it there.

pianos, keyboards, accordions, flutes, percussion instruments, guitars and voices guide our exploration of the space, the isolation, the season (and how it turns). We created four pieces. Here are the titles:





a cabin

We have arrived. And there are cabins to sleep in.


Dock days of summer. Chris Reiche (L), Tomas Bouda (R)

Solar Power

The sun is strong here

Recording Room

Prepared and ready. The recording space.

Room space

Tall ceilings for sound travel. And friends.

A Room with a View

A room with a view. Sometimes we look out

Sally Norris

Sally Norris

Larissa Mason

Larissa Mason

The Piano

The piano.

The Lake

Calm on this evening.

the house

And there is this light.

the lake 2

A last look.

With the generous support of FACTOR, the four tracks will be released as an EP soon.


I look forward to sharing that with you.

Back in the city. Chris Reiche joined the glass tables at Somewhere There, Toronto ON August 31st, 2012 to perform as part of the Leftover Daylight series. You can view the video of the performance here.

Special thank you to Pam Lambert and Ron Reiche for the use of the Reiche Lodge.

Back to living in the city.

Deep breath.

It is the season of love songs.

To celebrate, Tom and I (duo project: the glass tables) wrote and recorded a love song for CBC’s Valentine’s Love Song Contest.

We are enjoying the combined sound of the vibratos belonging to the Fender Rhodes and the Magnatone tube amp (circa 1958). Through the Magnatone, Tom is playing his recently fixed up Gibson E335, and it has a beautiful sound.

Please enjoy Light Love by the glass tables

enjoy in love’s joy.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

In the spring of 2007, I attended Quatuor Bozzini’s Composer’s Kitchen. Combination workshop, laboratory, playground and masterclass, Composer’s Kitchen is a unique opportunity to explore writing for the sound of a professional string quartet with the gentle guidance of professional composers.

There exists an intensity in collaboration, where nowhere else you find. (write/rewrite, play/listen, discuss/learn, decide/accept).

Exchange ideas.

We gave them back. Took more. In a short week then we made work. And with grace the quartet played for us. Generous their time, understanding. We search/learn/grow/repeat.

From then,

Prairie Sky




And now,

I am grateful of the opportunity to once again collaborate with the Quatuor Bozzini. This year their recording À chacun sa miniature is released. It celebrates the quartet’s dedication to, and inspiration for, emerging composers. A celebration made with the notes written by 31 young alumni of the Composer’s Kitchen (2005-2010). Each new piece written, played, recorded here celebrates the quartet’s studio-lab for the next generation. You will hear the results of our exchange, the debate of technical expertise and aesthetic values.

Quatuor Bozzini, Thank you.

Please listen, enjoy, debate.

À chacun sa miniature